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Unser Team

Our own children show us every day how special youth is, and how quickly it passes. With our products, we want to make this cherishable time unforgettable for families.


Family friendly, authentic and environmentally conscious – at Kindsgut, everyone can be and work the way they want. It doesn’t matter if in our warehouse or in our office, fulltime or part-time or even remote – Kindsgut is a joint success of many creative, strong and entrepreneurial thinking minds.

Decisions concerning new products, colors or projects are usually made intuitively and by the whole team. Our hardest critics are without a doubt our own children, who like to turn our office upside down every once in a while.

As a team of mothers, fathers and family people, we develop and sell only products that we – and our children – love. We all know what an extraordinary and imprinting time youth is, how wonderful and magical it is. And also – how quickly it passes.

Our products are perfect for cuddling, learning and playing – for a fair price, but offering high quality and sustainability. And always with the Kindsgut main thought, that our toys and accessories fit into every modern family’s home, thanks to their reduced, timeless designs.