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Our Production Methods

For the good of the environment

Protecting children, families and the environment are highly important to us. Besides our high educational and esthetic requirements to our entire assortment, we also place high value on the best quality. After all, we want our Kindsgut products to make families happy for many years, allowing toys to be given on amongst siblings.

Therefore, all of our products are regularly subjected to strict inspections, and meet the highest European quality standards. We find it a matter of course, that our products are being tested through renowned procedures and are free of harmful substances.

Sustainability also plays a key role here at Kindsgut. From the beginning, we have made it our objective to use environmentally friendly production methods and sustainable materials. For example, we turn old packages into filling materials for new ones.

We would love to tell you more about our production processes, our testing methods and our engagement to preserve our environment here.

Where do Kindsgut products come from?

Our products are made in several countries; for example, in Poland, China and Turkey.
We know each of our producers personally, and keep a close eye on all producing processes!

Did you know, that a third of the world’s cotton cultivation area lies in India? Many of our wonderful fabric products come from there. And for our wooden toys, there is even a special town in China, which is lovingly called the „hometown of wooden toys“. Here, in Yunhe, there are over 700 factories that produce more than 50% of all wooden toys sold worldwide! Many of our toys are produced here as well.

Fair and sustainable working standards are an absolute must for us! We regularly visit our producers on-site and are proud and convinced that our products are produced by wonderful partners that put a lot of love and effort into creating our Kindsgut products in a sustainable and resource-saving way.

How are Kindsgut products tested and assessed?

For our little ones we want nothing but the best! All of our products have been thoroughly tested through both internal, as well as independent testing procedures. Each Kindsgut toy and accessory meets all essential requirements for sale in Europe.

How are Kindsgut products packed and shipped?

Each Kindsgut order is packed with love and care, and shipped with DHL GoGreen to protect our environment. As a result, all of our packages are climate neutral. In addition, we have our own upholstering machine, and turn old packages into upholstery for new ones.

How the whole thing works exactly, you can see here:

How can Kindsgut packages be disposed correctly, or reused?

In Germany, we love to separate our waste! But in order for the scanner of the waste facility to recognize and recycle our materials correctly, we need to separate our waste as accurate as possible.

Therefore, we would like to show you how to dispose our packages best, and contribute to preserving our environment:

  • Cardboard boxes
    Please remove any adhesive tape and metal staples from our packaging. Cardboard goes to paper waste, adhesive tape goes to plastic waste and the staples go to metal waste.
  • Protective foil
    As much as we would like to, unfortunately we cannot completely dispense with protective foils for all Kindsgut products due to quality assurance processes or shipping requirements. Please dispose our protective foils in your plastic waste, so that they can be recycled.
  • Carrying handles
    Some of our products have a plastic carrying handle. This goes to plastic waste as well.
  • Silicia Gel
    These little beads are used to protect your Kindsgut products that are made out of fabric from water and humidity. A little tip from us: don’t throw this little bag away – they are very versatile! For example, they can help protecting silver jewelry from tarnishing, or neutralize unpleasant odors in shoes or sport bags. However, please take note: keep the bags away from little children.
Upcycling instead of recycling

Before disposing our packaging materials, you can give them a second life. In our Magazin you can find lots of fun ideas how to turn our cardboard boxes into doll houses, racing tracks or beautiful decorations for your home. Have a look and get creative! Get out your scissors, glue and crayons – and of course a large portion of glitter!

Das Puppenhaus für jedes Kinderzimmer!